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The Reaper Cometh....

Posted by sykponics on September 17, 2016 at 4:15 AM Comments comments (0)

So, it's been a busy few days since I posted my last update and I have been planting, transplanting and getting some new information on growing chillies in an aquaponics system. As well as that my first few Grosse Lisse tomatoes are now bearing fruit as well as my first 2 pods on my California Reaper Chilli started growing.


Before I begin I am urging anyone who can afford it to donate to my project. I am having trouble getting parts for the build and need materials to keep going. All donations go straight into getting this project up and running,and as always are greatly appreciated.


As I said I got some great information about growing chillies soil free from Neil at The Hippy Seed Company ( find them at http://thehippyseedcompany.com ), an Australian based nursery who is specialised in chillies, chilli seeds and chilli products. Neil said that all chillies should be able to grow in an aquaponics or hydroponics system with very little difficulty as long as the roots were not fully immersed. He even grows his clones using aeroponics. Even though I plan on growing outdoors he even suggested lighting if I considered growing indoors. Have to say a huge big thank you to Neil at The Hippy Seed Company fo his time and help.


Seeds have been getting collected and have added a few more Marigold seeds to the point where I know I have too many (LOLz!), a couple more firecracker seeds, some strawberry seeds and the first of my Lollo Rosso seeds started releasing so I have been collecting them as well. I have planted 4 of the Ultra White Ghost Chilli seeds (fingers crossed), 15 Firecracker and 15 Jalapeno seeds, as well as a pumpkin and some more Cherry Belle Radish. All out of seed raising mix at the moment so waiting on money to get more seeds in the dirt.


Cuttings continue to be a little hit and miss especially with the Egyptian Mint and Pineapple Mint cuttings from the past few weeks shrivelling despite all others doing well. I have Rosemary, Apple Mint, Lemon Balm and a few sprigs of Chocolate mint ready for transplanting so will be looking at them in a few days. Also ready for transplant is about 15 Bishop Crown and 13 Razzamatazz Chillies so will also have to find some money to get a potting mix to try and plant them out. I have also planted out the Water Chestnuts to a larger tub, not as big as I would have liked but it was what I had to work with. Hoping they grow nice and healthy and looking forward to having a few in Josephine's awesome stir-frys.

That's about it for now......

Have an awesome day and remember,

Share Your Knowledge, Then we all grow!

The reapers are coming.......

A busy little day.

Posted by sykponics on September 11, 2016 at 4:10 AM Comments comments (0)

G'day everyone!

Been playing in the dirt most of today and as always hoping my efforts are fruitful (LOLz!). So what did I accomplish......

Well I sarted by potting some newly rooted cuttings of Lemon Balm and Apple Mint. Sown seeds of an as yet unclassified chilli (My son brought me some seeds from chillies used in cooking for his mexican day), some Cherry Belle Radish, a few more marigolds and a Pumpkin seed I have had sitting on the fridge for a few weeks. Also sorted the chilli seeds from the Jalapeno and Firecracker that I used in dinner Friday night.

On top of that water changes got done on all my guppy tanks as well as the goldfish tub, had a visit from the kids who kept the place lively and noisy for a few hours, and managed to get some other bits done around the place.

Over the next few days I should be getting my White Ghost Chilli seeds so the excitement is building for another variety to add to my collection, as well as strating the plan for my start up system. Have the pump and a tub sorted, but hoping I will be able to get the money for some irrigation hose and a few tubs to start off the initial build. If anyone can help with a few dollars, please donate using the paypal donation button.

I think that is about it for today, but will make sure I get in an update again in a few days.

Thanks everyone for your interest and support, have an awesome day and Share Your Knowledge!

Just a bit of an update.....

Posted by sykponics on September 10, 2016 at 3:55 AM Comments comments (0)

It's been a few big days lately, family time with Father's Day, Jordan started her vlog (except it has been nearly a week since she asked to get on the camera) and trying to get the parts I need to start a basic aquaponics setup running.

I realise that my budget isn't going to let me build as quickly as I want, but I am planning on building a small system mainly using a trickle system for leafy greens, and incorporating a grow bed for trying different plants to see how they grow in this climate and in an aquaponics system. Looking reasonably to get up and going I would be looking at about another $150 to get the rest of the plumbing and grow media, as well as a few building materials.

I moved the plants around a little today, sorting them into their different categories being Vegetables, Chillies, Herbs and flowers, then the Mint collection got put on a pallet under the Lilly Pilly trees. Also started setting up the frame for the basis of the aquaponics build. It is going to need a bit of reinforcement and planning on trying to get some shadecloth over the top when I can afford it.

Added a few Photos to the site, showing the collection of established plants and a few seedlings so have a look on the 'Our Products' page (as well as my new black moor goldfish I got for Fathers Day).

Thanks everyone for your interest and support, have an awesome day and share your knowledge!

Growing pains

Posted by sykponics on August 27, 2016 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Had to have a laugh today....

 I had just finished planting a beautiful white begonia and some chocolate mint to the front garden, a work in progress as I am trying to pretty up the dull garden beds I have available to work  with. I decided to move some plants from the greenhouse to transplant and made my way happily to the shed. Now our back yard has only one gate, and I always try not to go through the house with plants.

 I opened the gate and the chickens bolted straight out like they do when they get the chance and went directly out the front. By the time I got out there (yes, chickens can be very fast runners lolz!) Chocko our brown hen was already scratching at the freshly planted bed. I picked her up and carried her back around the side of the house, past where I have all of my plants when she decided to flap her way out of my grasp, landing on 4 Bishop Hat chilli seedlings I had transplanted just yesterday sending both seedlings and soil flying everywhere.

I managed to find 3 of them, and quickly put them back in their pots, so I am hoping they are ok. The plus side is that the seeds I had planted last week included Bishop Hats, Razzamatazz and Birds Eye chillies that started to sprout today so there are still more to come.

RIP Lost seedling :(