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Growing pains

Posted by sykponics on August 27, 2016 at 7:40 AM

Had to have a laugh today....

 I had just finished planting a beautiful white begonia and some chocolate mint to the front garden, a work in progress as I am trying to pretty up the dull garden beds I have available to work  with. I decided to move some plants from the greenhouse to transplant and made my way happily to the shed. Now our back yard has only one gate, and I always try not to go through the house with plants.

 I opened the gate and the chickens bolted straight out like they do when they get the chance and went directly out the front. By the time I got out there (yes, chickens can be very fast runners lolz!) Chocko our brown hen was already scratching at the freshly planted bed. I picked her up and carried her back around the side of the house, past where I have all of my plants when she decided to flap her way out of my grasp, landing on 4 Bishop Hat chilli seedlings I had transplanted just yesterday sending both seedlings and soil flying everywhere.

I managed to find 3 of them, and quickly put them back in their pots, so I am hoping they are ok. The plus side is that the seeds I had planted last week included Bishop Hats, Razzamatazz and Birds Eye chillies that started to sprout today so there are still more to come.

RIP Lost seedling :(

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