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A busy little day.

Posted by sykponics on September 11, 2016 at 4:10 AM

G'day everyone!

Been playing in the dirt most of today and as always hoping my efforts are fruitful (LOLz!). So what did I accomplish......

Well I sarted by potting some newly rooted cuttings of Lemon Balm and Apple Mint. Sown seeds of an as yet unclassified chilli (My son brought me some seeds from chillies used in cooking for his mexican day), some Cherry Belle Radish, a few more marigolds and a Pumpkin seed I have had sitting on the fridge for a few weeks. Also sorted the chilli seeds from the Jalapeno and Firecracker that I used in dinner Friday night.

On top of that water changes got done on all my guppy tanks as well as the goldfish tub, had a visit from the kids who kept the place lively and noisy for a few hours, and managed to get some other bits done around the place.

Over the next few days I should be getting my White Ghost Chilli seeds so the excitement is building for another variety to add to my collection, as well as strating the plan for my start up system. Have the pump and a tub sorted, but hoping I will be able to get the money for some irrigation hose and a few tubs to start off the initial build. If anyone can help with a few dollars, please donate using the paypal donation button.

I think that is about it for today, but will make sure I get in an update again in a few days.

Thanks everyone for your interest and support, have an awesome day and Share Your Knowledge!

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